The most remarkable and poignant dimension of this season is our capacity to halt …. to stop … and tune-in to a universal spirit of Love that connects us all. An inclusive, ever present Love that is the core inSight of every religion and spiritual instinct. We demonstrate consistent capacity each year to cease-fire from warfare and unite in a common cause of peace and good will.

There is, at minimum, one day out of 365 where a majority of humans contemplate and seek to connect with one another consciously, with focus, on Love. Love for oneself, for our family, for our community, for our nation, for our species, for our planet, for our higher selves however they are defined and conceived …

Perhaps a moment … this moment … of resting in what is beyond conception but ever here … one’s own awareness and sense of simply being that arises from resting within and experiencing this Love.

The inner and outer worlds united in crisp, fresh, singular, presents. The Tree of Life could not be more Full.

Blessings for a Wonder-Full Life in Love. Catherine


There’s a profound difference between “fueling” any phenomenon that is appearing within You as Awareness and “flowering” what is appearing. Try tinkering with this InSight and See what happens.

We as humans can no longer afford to take our thoughts literally. We must cultivate the recognition of ourselves as the awareness of each and every thought. Then expansive, creative, clear choices can be made from this space. #unnecessarydeaths

The minute one tunes into an inner stillness that is the moment one becomes united with the kosmos. This inner core of stillness is the unified field and what is at the core of every holon. There is a palpable unmistakable ongoing sense of oneness with all life.

A friend recently moved to Avalon, Australia and also asked me to write a bit about my process being a conscious mother parenting a 2 year old. Here is her description of Avalon and how it equates to my experience as a conscious mom.

Avalon, the island of apples which men call “The Fortunate Isle” (Insula Pomorum quae Fortunata uocatur) gets its name from the fact that it produces all things of itself; the fields there have no need of the ploughs of the farmers and all cultivation is lacking except what nature provides. Of its own accord it produces grain and grapes, and apple trees grow in its woods from the close-clipped grass. The ground of its own accord produces everything instead of merely grass, and people live there a hundred years or more. There nine sisters rule by a pleasing set of laws those who come to them from our country.[9]

This is also my experience of motherhood … Phaedra and I are the Field in our essence and what appears to be needed arises in the moment, abundantly. This includes books, homeopathic remedies, herbs for both of us as tools as needed … and then there is just the revel and play in the Now. Whatever is appearing is also part of an infinite Now moment so the past and the future are Here as well. This is true for each of you as mothers to older children. You and your children are, in essence, the Infinite Field and then your particular forms arise Within That for various complex exchanges.

My experience in raising Phaedra right now is that she has very strong emotions that she has no words for … all part of the sensory motor brain … a dream like state … without a lot of vocabulary. My friend who wrote a book called Parenting for Peace recently visited and said that guided imagery and visualization can help mom’s ‘re-parent’ this aspect of themselves if they get triggered along with their child. Then I also am giving her words and telling her about my own feelings in the moment. Growing the emotional line of development one moment at a time.

As a conscious, older mom with lots of tools and life experiences, I find that I can essentially be simultaneously aware of ‘us’ as the Field and that our body-minds are holographic … she is included and transcended in me. And if a ‘trigger’ arises in me, I can put my Awareness Within the pocket of contraction within my body-mind, let any memories etc. reveal themselves and complete. A kind of conscious re-parenting, guided imagery, back to the source .. addressing it within the sensory motor brain consciously. I can also sometimes consciously find images completing holographically for the entire noosphere within the Field which might potentially help all mothers be able to do this at any point in their motherhood.

My sense too is as mothers such as you become more and more conscious of your Self, the Infinite Field, this heals the children whatever ‘age’ chronologically because the Field which we all are is Now.

Knowing that it’s all okay … the Field produced Life through us and Is Us. Any mistakes arose from and return Here. Peace and Love prevail.

Recently I had the good fortune to encounter a group of amazing people with quite a depth of spiritual wisdom who were engaged in an online dialogue focusing on the nature of consciousness and discerning the nature of True Teaching and a True Teacher as well as how Awakening or Wakefullness expresses itSelf in human beingness or embodiment. Part of the dialogue also included the importance of being aware when we recognize incoherence with what we know to be true, throughout all the dimensional ways we ‘know’ ourselves and others, that we tell the truth about this. People were recognizing that many spiritual teachers display many human failings yet often don’t get called out. And that in the Advaita Vedanta (NonDual) traditions, many of the teachers and collective devotees are so focused on knowing themselves as the Absolute ‘beyond’ the mind, that any aspects of relative human existence including physical, emotional and mental imbalances are ignored or seen as ‘leela’ (a play without any substance or reality). So truth telling at every level of being was seen as being aligned with unconditioned love and wholeness while fully experiencing each creative and dynamic moment of life.

With regards to the central themes of True Teaching and Embodied Awakening, I shared the following perspective that seemed good to reiterate here in the blog —

The perspective I offer to this inquiry is that the answer we evolve together will ultimately contain both depth and breadth in its Wholeness of Form and Silence of Formlessness. And the Wholeness of Form includes every part, everywhere, everyone’s perspectives. We are indeed as a species potentially evolving into a time when the emotional, mental and physical dimensions of ourselves are able to partake fully in experiencing the Wholeness of Form simultaneously merged with the Silence of Formlessness that has no experience whatsoever. So where there is any ‘object’tion or experience of incompleteness with a Teacher or Teaching, and it is seen that the mental, emotional and physical imbalances are there even though they are not able to or willing to ‘see’ this or acknowledge this or whatever the reason might be, I offer that it is because this intimate merger has not fully occurred. Through the part of the brain that has been so vilified by the Advaita Vedanta ‘religion’, human beings now have the depth and breadth of capacity to feed, clothe and shelter everyone on the planet, potentially reduce the footprint of overpopulation to sustain the current level, provide healing (wholeness) to emotional, psychological and physical imbalances through integrating multiple modalities and the social tools for social architecture that provides resonant ways we can ‘all get along’ and not just survive but thrive.

Advaita Vedanta has a profound place in supporting our capacity as a species to evolve beyond the conditioned habits of thought that prevent us from creatively using all the solutions we already have at hand both personally and collectively. But it it is obviously incomplete if it denies those solutions as being ‘leela’ and minimized rather than employing the depth and breadth they might engender both for Wholeness in the individual and the entire species. So, together, we embrace and evolve. We include and transcend (as Wilber offers).

It has been both hilarious and frightening to see how evolution in the species is taking place right now. On one hand, the part of our brain that labels and defines the world has brought us technical advancements to the point where we could solve all our problems. But the same part of the brain has created so much fragmentation and it so conditioned that we can’t collectively come together around the solutions. Then, on the right side of the brain, many people are shifting into realizing they are the awareness of their conditioned thought systems and finding huge liberation but often are ungrounded, have difficulty function, and vilify what they call the ‘ego mind’ so the solutions that we have available to us still can’t be used!

So, as the old saying goes, “any strength overused can be a weakness”. It is clear that if the species is to truly evolve, we must integrate these two general ways of seeing the world within our brain and central nervous system into a merger of Wholeness of Form, Silence of Formless Awareness. We must recognize the gifts that have come from language and objectification as well as from silence and subjectification. And we must evolve ourselves consciously by integrating both together in support of each One as a Whole Human Being.

We have the technology. We can rebuild Ourselves. And it won’t cost $6 million. It’s Free.

Almost daily, I receive an inspirational e-mail from AHAM (Association of Happiness for All Mankind), a NC group dedicated to sharing the teachings of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. This particular post caught my attention and prompted a deeper contemplation on the analogy of water being akin to Consciousness as follows:

Maharashi states, “So long as there is a sense of separation, one will be afflicted by thoughts. If the original source is regained and the sense of separation is ended, there will be peace … look at the waters of the ocean: they evaporate, form clouds, which are blown about by winds, condense into water, and fall as rain. The waters roll down the hilltops in streams and rivers until they reach their original source, the ocean, at which point they are at peace. Thus you see that where there is a sense of separation from the source, there is agitation and movement until the sense of separation is lost. So it is with yourself. Now you identify yourself with your body, and think that you are separate.” (From “Conscious Immortality, Conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi” By Paul Brunton et al

What struck me in this passage was that no matter what “form” it took … vapor, clouds, condensation, rain, river, ice or ocean … Water is Water and so to, Consciousness is Consciousness no matter what form of life it takes.

Consider that our brain, one of the key instruments by which we process in-form-ation to generate our perspectives on life is 70% water.

Consider also the many ways human perspectives take on the qualities of water. For example, the greater distance one has from water, the more it becomes a dense, hard surface. So to, perspectives on life that foster a ‘sense of separation’ that Ramana is addressing often appear hard, callous and dangerous at times. We can be cold and icy towards one another.

We also have the capacity to cultivate perspectives of fluidity, “going with the flow”, and those that embrace the intimacy of inseparability in the ocean of life. These can generate a sense of bliss and alignment with nature and existence. Within both forms, contracted or open, the water remains neutral as itself, and so too is Consciousness as it reflects an infinite amount of perspectives on this watery planet alone.

In this recognition of essential neutrality of our own Consciousness, there is freedom. One moment, icy coldness may appear. In another, hot intimacy. The space between the two Lovers allows for both and Beyond.